Our Elder’s Health, a Facebook page for older people and their carers in the MENA region


In 2020, Professor Shereen Hussein secured funding through the University of Kent, GCRF Emergency Response Fund, to utilise social media platforms to raise awareness of healthy ageing in the Middle East and North Africa during COVID19 pandemic. 
As part of this work, an Arabic Facebook page, “Our Elder’s Health”’ was developed to reach as many people as possible, especially informal carers. The page is implemented and maintained by Arrow Systems for Electronic Systems and Engineering, represented by Eng. Rania El Morsy in Egypt. One of the themes of interest was the use of technological devices to promote healthy ageing, especially during lockdown and curfews associated with COVID19.  
During May and June 2020 alone, eight articles were posted on the page; some of the technologies reviewed includes pulse oximeter; blood pressure monitors; video conferencing; wireless bell as a calling device and online surveillance camera system. 
All posts were written in a local and straightforward Arabic language with natural expressions. The introductory post was written in Arabic and English. 
The Facebook page also hosted videos from the ‘Movement is Blessing’, physical training exercises for older people.   


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Professor of Health and Social Care Policy, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Shereen Hussein is a Professor of Health and Social Care Policy at the Department of Health Services Research and Policy (HSRP) at the LSHTM. She is a Co-Director of the PRUComm policy research unit. She is also an Honorary Professor at the University of Kent and King’s College London in the UK and the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

Shereen is a demographer with expertise in labour-migration, sociology and economics. Her primary research revolves around ageing, family dynamics, migration and long-term care. Shereen has previously worked with the United Nations, the Population Council, the World Bank, and the League of Arab States. Her current research focuses on ageing demographics, long term care demand and migration within the UK and Europe and the implications on policy and practice.

Shereen has conducted extensive research on population ageing and its impact on long term care and health policy and practices in the UK, internationally and in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. She has contributed to recent United Nations’ policy response to ageing in the region through collaboration with UN-ESCWA and directly providing expert consultations to several countries in the region including Turkey, Oman and Egypt. Shereen leads many large research projects on ageing and long-term care in the UK and contributes to a large project addressing responses to dementia in developing countries STRiDE. Shereen is the founder and lead of the MENARAH network.